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About Kislovodsk
220-year-old resort city of federal significance located in the gorge of several mountain ranges and being a part of the Caucasian Mineral Waters (CMW) - all this is about Kislovodsk
Resort city
Kislovodsk is a leader in terms of the number of sanatoriums and resorts and annually welcomes more than one million guests for vacation! The only city in Russia that has a National Park, considered the second largest in the world! And all this again about Kislovodsk.

The city is located higher than all other resorts of the CMW, at an altitude of 725-1400 meters above sea level and has its own microclimate. Owing to this feature, winters here are dry and sunny, and summers are cool and mild.

The special pride of Kislovodsk is the natural healing springs of Narzan, which made this resort a balneological one. Narzan is divided into 3 types: Sulfate, Dolomite and General. Each of them has its own special healing properties.
You can wander around the Kislovodsk park for an endless time. And "health paths", which are called Terrainkur (terrain cure), will help to combine walks with a healing effect. Walking along these paths strengthens the heart muscle and muscular frame, improves the functioning of the respiratory system, relieves stress, normalizes sleep and restores spiritual harmony.
There are 5 terrainkur routes of various difficulty and a hiking trail.

- Route No. 1 (preparatory). Its length is 1700 meters. The angle of elevation is no more than 4 degrees. It passes through the Lower Park.

- Route No. 2 (main). Its length is 5800 meters. The angle of elevation is 7 degrees max. It starts from the Narzan Gallery to the Temple of the Air.

- Route No. 2A (optional). Its length is 800 meters. The angle of elevation is 4-5 degrees. It passes through the Middle Park.

- Route No. 2Б (circular). Its length is 10400 meters. The angle of elevation is no more than 4 degrees. It runs from the Pervomaiskaya glade along the Dzhinalsky ridge and turns back.

- Route No. 3 (increased difficulty). Its length is 5500 meters. The angle of elevation reaches 13 degrees. It starts from the Narzan Gallery, goes to the Red and Gray Stones and ends at the top of the Blue Rocks.

- Tourist trail. Its length is 5900 meters. It starts from the main terrainkur to the Small Saddle, the highest point of the park.
What to visit in Kislovodsk?
It is the main place of interest in the city. Even if you have never been to Kislovodsk, you could see its image on souvenirs brought from the City of the Sun.

Cafe "Snezhinka" (Snowflake)
A legendary cafe in the heart of the resort. Here you can taste the most delicious donuts, the recipe of which has not been changed for more than 60 years!

Rose Valley
The most romantic and large-scale place in the National Park, where more than 35 varieties of roses are planted. A kind of "museum of roses" in the open air.

"Castle of deceit and love"
A mysterious landmark of the city overgrown with numerous legends. The castle is located in the picturesque gorge of the Alikonovka river and welcomes Guests as a tourist complex.

Small Saddle
The highest point of the park (1325 m) where it ends. In clear weather, you can see from this observation platform not only the whole city, but also the snow-white Elbrus with part of the Caucasian ridge.
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